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Guidelines for Models, Tutors and Artists

Artists and models have responded magnificently to the covid crisis, with creative measures ranging from Zoom and Skype sessions to outdoor sessions to smaller, safer classes.
Artists, to help models see what is out there, please put ads up on the RAM site (it's free!).
Be kind, stay safe.

Guidelines for life models and their employers

on pay, working conditions and conduct

This is an annually revised document first published in 1997. Most of the items contained within it have been discussed at a series of 32 meetings (the 'Get-togethers'), the first of which was held in December 1996. Originally, the results of votes taken at these meetings determined the exact content of the Guidelines. However, we do not have formal get-togethers these days, but members' views are always listened to and taken into account.

We believe that it would not be a good idea to re-write the whole of the Guidelines systematically in a relatively short period of time, therefore the Guidelines will strongly reflect the legacy of the Get-togethers for a while, including one or two contentious pronouncements with which the proprietors do not necessarily agree.

The copyright of the RAM Guidelines is owned by the Register of Artists' Models. You may not reproduce the document or any part of it unless you make it clear that it is produced by the Register of Artists' Models.


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