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Here is an example - If you fill out the form like this:-

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Explanation of the form as filled out above:-

  •    Types - Show models that do Life or Portrait work.
  •    Available - Show models available at weekends
  •    Profile Word(s) - Show models where their profile contains 'athletic'.
  •    Area or Postcode: Show models prepared to work in Cambridge.

Basic Search Tips

  • Word Upper/Lower case is not a problem. If you search on Dancer it will find 'dancer' too.
  •    Profile Word(s) - It searches the profile on parts of words so you don't have to type full words. eg 'athlet' will pick up 'Atlhete' and 'Athletic'
  •    Area or Postcode: This also searches on parts of words and upper/lower case doesn't matter. You can enter the first part of a postcode here eg. W10 or W1. Entering a full postcode like 'W1 1AA' will find nothing.

More Search Tips

  • It is not very clever! If you search on Herts it will find Herts but not Hertfordshire. So just search on Hert so it finds both.

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