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RAM and KYO in Historic Link-up

Artists and models have responded magnificently to the covid crisis, with creative measures ranging from Zoom and Skype sessions to outdoor sessions to smaller, safer classes.
Artists, to help models see what is out there, please put ads up on the RAM site (it's free!).
Be kind, stay safe.

RAM and KYO in historic link-up

The Register of Artists' Models has come to a formal agreement of mutual recognition with Sweden's Union of Artists' Models, Konstmodellernas YrkesOrganisation (KYO), according to which members of RAM will be deemed to be members of KYO while visiting Sweden and vice versa.

As far as we know, this is the first such international link up of models' unions. Could it pave the way in a few more years for a European super-union of models? The agreement means that any RAM member visiting Sweden will be able to ask KYO for help with finding modelling work in Sweden and KYO members visiting the UK will be entitled to work in RAM-only colleges, as they will be considered to be RAM members for the duration of their visit.
KYO rules and RAM rules are not the same on all points, so RAM rules will apply to KYO models in Britain and KYO rules will apply to RAM models in Sweden. One problem, not yet resolved, is the question of what should be done about models who infringe the rules of the 'host' organisation. Are they liable to be expelled from their 'native' organisation as well?
The KYO recommended rate is about £13 per hour, as against our 10 (from April 2002), so KYO members may be in for a bit of a shock when they come to Britain, where many employers are still getting away with paying a lot less than the RAM rate.
Like RAM, KYO runs its own life drawing workshops, and they manage to pack up to forty people in. They must have access to much bigger spaces than we have! If you want more information about KYO please EMAIL their secretary, Lars Lundblad.

We would love to hear from any other life models' organisations around the world that share RAM's aims of improving the status of life models and maintaining standards in the service offered by models. Perhaps you will also feel ready to discuss a reciprocal arrangement with us?

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