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Artists and Illustrators Exhibition 2002

Artists and models have responded magnificently to the covid crisis, with creative measures ranging from Zoom and Skype sessions to outdoor sessions to smaller, safer classes.
Artists, to help models see what is out there, please put ads up on the RAM site (it's free!).
Be kind, stay safe.

Our stand at the A & I Exhibition 2002 - It was the best yet!

Our stand at the annual UK Artists’ & Illustrator’s Exhibition, which this year returned to its old venue at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London, was an even greater success than last year's. This was due to the hard work and bright ideas of our Richmond workshop leader, Paul Laker, who was in overall charge, our administrative assistant Margaret Bryony and the many members who volunteered to pose over the three days of the show. As last year, our stand was one of the livelier things going on in the show and attracted a lot of attention. Many useful new contacts were made as a result.
Models were posing almost continuously and we displayed the best of the many drawings left behind by visitors.
Some visitors were disappointed to find that this year there was no separate enclosed area in which we could pose nude (although the fearless AJ came pretty close to it in a couple of poses). Having spoken to A&I we are confident that the facilities for nude posing will be available next year, as they were in 2001 and 2000.

The main models over the four days, each putting in a substantial number of unpaid hours of strenuous poses despite the heatwave, were AJ, Mark O'Reilly, Angela Snowdon, Hana Schlesinger, Howard Greenbaum, Eddie Dickson, Rachel McCarthy and Paul Simpson. Also dropping in to contribute a few ten-minuters were Dave Hinchey, Adriana Moraes, Morimda Tassembedo, Eli Gioconda and one of the Business Design Centre stewards who felt like entering into the spirit of it! Additional thanks to Howard Greenbaum for cheerfully solving awkward problems in connection with the transport and storage of equipment.

RAM/Bare Facts is planning to make this important annual fixture even bigger and better next year.

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