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The Naked Bon Vivant!

New Quentin Crisp Show in New York, 19 May to 7 Sept 2002

The QUENTIN CRISP ARCHIVES is presenting an exhibition of photographs and memorabilia of Quentin Crisp at Caffé Rafaella in the West Village. The show provides various views of the eccentric life of bon vivant Mr. Crisp and his life in London and New York.

The exhibit will vary over the show's four-month run, thus providing a colourful array of viewpoints of QC and his life. During the length of the exhibition, there will be readings from his books, recollections by those who knew him, and various multimedia presentations. You can visit Caffé Rafaella at various times during the exhibition to see and hear something related to the life and writings of Quentin Crisp.

If you attend the reception you can eat 'Quentin Cake' while enjoying the show! If the mood takes you, you are welcome to go dressed as Quentin Crisp, with the chance of winning a prize for best-dressed impersonator! The reception is on Thursday, May 23, 2002, at MIDNIGHT. There will be a special guest performance.

The CAFFÉ RAFAELLA is at 134 Seventh Avenue (between 10th and Charles Streets) Subway: 1 or 9 at Christopher Street. Admission is free! For more information: 212.254.0508.

The stated mission of the Quentin Crisp Archives is "to preserve and maintain the manuscripts, artworks by and about, and various artifacts related to the life and legend of Quentin Crisp for the purpose of education, research and the promotion of Quentin Crisp¹s philosophy of individuality, self-acceptance and tolerance".

Quentin Crisp had a notoriety that was his, and his alone: He dared to be himself in London in a time when men like him were viciously beaten on street corners and publicly scorned for being themselves. It is an enduring testimony to Mr. Crisp¹s spirit and indomitable sense of self that he survived the almost daily onslaughts of anti-gay violence and intolerance.

Quentin Crisp attracted a modicum of fame first in England and then, upon the publication of his 1968 autobiography and especially the subsequent 1975 BBC film The Naked Civil Servant, he became famous internationally. Although Mr. Crisp passed away on November 21, 1999, many people around the world continue to be inspired by his life and legend.

Visit the on-line exhibition Quentin Crisp: London & New York for photographs illustrating his life in both England and America. The art exhibit, originally staged in November 2000, commemorated the first anniversary of Quentin Crisp¹s death.

You will find original drawings by Quentin Crisp, special downloads and various tidbits. And you can see Mr. Crisp's wax model at Madame Tussaud¹s Times Square Museum.

Phillip Ward, Curator, Quentin Crisp Archives.

Editor's note: In RAM we are used to thinking of Quentin as a well-known London life model more than anything else. Some of us met him in that capacity. See article on the previous page regarding this.

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