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Artists and models have responded magnificently to the covid crisis, with creative measures ranging from Zoom and Skype sessions to outdoor sessions to smaller, safer classes.
Artists, to help models see what is out there, please put ads up on the RAM site (it's free!).
Be kind, stay safe.

1. Why should I join RAM?

There are some well-established models who ask that question at a time when the offers are rolling in, but then try to join RAM in a hurry in the lean times! The short answer is that you are joining a prestigious organisation and this will help you find work. The number of jobs advertised on the website every year has been rising and is set to rise sharply in the future.The work offered is very varied and some interesting media jobs sometimes come in.There are thousands of employers licenced to contact you via the website. You also get access to our list of over 150 employers of models.

But there are other reasons for joining.Our roots are in the struggle for better pay and conditions for models. Even if your attitude is that you are happy to take whatever benefits RAM has achieved over the years without giving anything back, you should still consider the weight that RAM membership gives you when it comes to complaining about the way an employer may have treated you.The RAM Guidelines have acquired official status in many colleges.

Then there's security. Nothing is perfect. There's no such thing as a foolproof security system for models, but we have a system of making sure we get the addresses of all our licence-holding employers.They then get a password. A password is deactivated if any credible complaint is received against a licence-holder.

For beginners in London keen to get into life modelling, there's no better way of getting your first experience than in our RAM approved classes and workshops. It's certainly far preferable to being thrown in at the deep end with no preparation and an unsympathetic tutor and students who expect you to know the ropes.Beginners elsewhere may not have that advantage, but RAM membership is still the way to build up your circle of employers.

Further info:     Aims and objects of RAM     More about RAM     RAM Guidelines    

2.Why should I have to audition?.

The fact that we audition applicants, or ask for two references, is a great plus when it comes to convincing employers that they should only employ RAM members.You may have been modelling for decades and be very popular, but how can we make exceptions to the rule?After all, even the most senior members of RAM had to audition at some time, and some of us were already very well-known on the scene at the time.In any case, most applicants tell us they enjoyed it.

3.I've joined - what happens now?

Your profile will be put up on the website and you will be sent a password. This happens within a week or so of joining - usually before the audition is arranged or references are received.

All London (by 'London' we mean within circle of the M25) members who are beginners have to attend an audition to test basic competence (also attitude).The RAM workshop leaders who do the auditioning are senior members of RAM and very experienced.You may have have to come back several times before being accepted and you are given guidance.This constitutes a form of training.  Some people are naturals, though, and only need the one session!  You will be sent details on how to arrange your audition. Experienced models can either audition (we like to meet you!) or provide 2 references from reputable sources.

Applicants outside London have to audition if there is a Bare Facts workshop in their area,but usually there isn't, so we accept a couple of good references from tutors instead.Beginners outside London join as 'Associate Members' and their membership numbers are prefixed with an 'A' until such time as they have done a fair bit of work and can provide references.

4.What happens at the audition?

You must pose at one of the RAM approved life drawing workshops by way of an audition.You are asked to do a combination of short (5 or 10 minute) poses and one or two longer ones, up to 45 minutes.We are checking basic ability to keep still for long periods as well as initiative (you choose the poses) and a reasonable body awareness in the short poses, enabling you to do more than just sit or stand around.

BEGINNERS can apply in London, but they sometimes have to come back two or three times to gain more confidence and ability. However, this isn't usually the case - a lot of people are 'naturals'!

Most applicants are accepted.The decision is made by the workshop leader .

PLEASE NOTE: As with auditions in any field of work, you will not be paid for the session.The affiliated workshops would simply not provide this service for us if they had to pay applicants to audition.

5.What are the rules?

Common sense, really.Nobody is perfect, but we are proud of the general high standard of reliability, competence and conduct of our members, so any reasonable complaints from licence-holding employers on any of these counts lead to suspension of membership.Very few models have been suspended from membership over the years - there's something about RAM that attracts the more serious models, the ones with a professional attitude.

6.Who are licence holders?

We call our artists and tutors licence holders. After we have checked their address, we send them a password to access model details.  This ensures model security (or as much as possible, on the basis that anyone with bad intent would not be willing to be ID checked.)

7.What is the password for?

The password gives models access to all password protected areas - both the job page - and also the profiles page so you can check your details and also contact other models if you need a replacement, for example.

The password gives tutors and artists access to model contact details.

8.How do I get work through RAM?

Licence holders contact you via your details on the website. There are also jobs advertised on our Joblink page.

9. What about security?

Our licensing system should help ensure that you are not contacted by the sort of people you may not wish to hear from, but no system is perfect.Members themselves can cooperate by reporting any suspect emails or untoward incidents and by never making information in the password-protected areas of the website available to people who are not licence-holders, or to non-RAM models.In fact you can be struck off the RAM register for doing so.

You should also read the security warnings on the website when you submit (after joining) info for publication on the Web.

10. How much does RAM membership cost?

Full and Associate membership costs £38.50 a year.

The payment is for setting up membership and all the work that goes with it such as checking applications, liaising with workshop leaders who conduct auditions, composing profiles, altering profiles, investigating complaints, trouble-shooting, maintaining the website - the list goes on.It is not true that the fee is an 'up-front' payment to some kind of agency.RAM is not an agency, we don't employ you and we don't take any commission from your earnings, as an agency would.Membership runs for 12 months, starting from the month in which you join as a provisional member (if applicable), not from the date you pay.

Any problems you are likely to encounter are dealt with in the RAM Consultative Guidelines. General questions about life modelling are covered in Advice For Models.

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