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Guidelines - Reliability

Artists and models have responded magnificently to the covid crisis, with creative measures ranging from Zoom and Skype sessions to outdoor sessions to smaller, safer classes.
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Be kind, stay safe.

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i). Punctuality

Although rarely reflected in the fees offered, it is an indisputable fact that no life class can proceed without the model.  We all experience serious difficulties with both public and private transport from time.  From the statistics of the London Bare Facts model management service, we know that there is a fairly high and consistent level of punctuality among experienced and conscientious models in the Capital.

This is achieved through familiarity with the transport system, making sure of the location of new venues well before-hand, and by allowing generous amounts of time for travel.  In other words, there is no excuse for being late very often, or by very much.

ii). Cancellation

Obviously, there may be occasions where no notice at all can be given by the model - in the case of an accident on the way to the session or sudden illness, for example.  But experience has shown that these occurrences are very rare indeed among models with a professional attitude.  Mysteriously, they are considerably more common amongst less committed models.  Sudden cancellation due to auditions, dancing jobs, tutorials etc are not recognised by RAM as excusable, since registered models are expected to be life models first and foremost.  We know that many members are indeed also actors, dancers, students etc, but this does not prevent us from suspending them from the Register following two complaints regarding non-appearance with little or no notice.

Since there are generally no meaningful contracts in life modelling that would entitle the model to payment in the event of sudden cancellation by the employer, there is only a moral obligation on either side.  We have always considered three working days to be the minimum for notice of cancellation, either by employer or model. But any cancellation, even at very long notice, is regarded by many models as unprofessional.  The Bare Facts model management service reports a slide back to old attitudes among a growing number of models, whereby modelling is regarded as a convenience job, and modelling commitments are therefore placed low in the order of priorities.  Bare Facts attempts to counter this by offering more hours to models with the best record in this respect, and also by the 'one out, all out' rule, whereby the rest of the block of bookings is cancelled by Bare Facts if one session is cancelled by the model.  We think that employers in general should adopt these measures, even at the cost, in the short term, of inconvenience to themselves.

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